El bautismo de fuego. Jarkov II. El Don III. Primera primavera. Primera retirada.

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Shelves: military-biography , stuff-that-doesn-t-fit-elsewhere There is no such thing as a just war. The concept of just war is something theologians like Augustine or Thomas Aquinas or academics argue. When it comes to real war and actual fighting theologians and academics are as useless as tits on a boar hog. Killing others and being killed is humankind at its most primitive. Fighting a war is deadly serious. Discipline, courage and a will to win are critical to success in war.

Finding the guts to kill or be killed and to endure almost unbelievable hardship in unbelievable circumstances are too often absolutes for those who must fight. In a word it was brutal.

Sajer saw many of his fellow soldiers killed in ways that I will not repeat except to say that there is enough real recounting of how people died to last me several lifetimes.

My dad lost his best friend on Guadalcanal. He was killed either by machine gun fire or artillery because his unit was not where they were supposed to be.

The Eastern front was a killing ground, The Germans lost roughly 1. Outside of the Taiping Rebellion and Cultural Revolution in China, I am unaware of casualties this numerous in a single front. Russian losses were greater. They overwhelmed me. Sajer tells me how they died. Ah, will just say that even with my 27 years in the Air Force and I cannot tell you today which side my unit patch went on.

These attacks on Sajer are pure unadulterated crap. A real soldier, a special ops guy takes the school house REMF to task at the link below.

Simply, to read about what battle is like, what to expect and to find out just how bad it can get.


El soldado olvidado


ISO 15590-1 PDF

Foro Segunda Guerra Mundial


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