It is able to offer cost-effective, state-of-the-art soil contaminant surveys with an unprecedented breadth of high precision data. These are the result of its unique combination of a PID analyser for measurement of total soil gas concentration and a selective IR analyser for the separate measurement of Methane, Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide. The resulting set of parameters is further complemented by temperature, pressure and Oxygen measurement. Data processing is managed using software compatible with Surfer and other mainstream graphic data processing systems. The most important subsurface factors that affect in-situ soil contamination measurements are: 1 Presence of Methane: as a product of natural biodegradation, Methane occurs in varying concentrations everywhere in the sub-soil environment. Due to their inner structure, relatively impermeable soils such as clay produce soil vapors for much shorter periods of time compared to highly permeable soils such as sand.

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It provides the user with the in-situ measurement of organic contaminants with selective analyses of methane, group of common petroleum hydrocarbons, CO2, O2, atmospheric pressure, sampling vacuum and soil temperature. Automatic re-zeroing before each measurement ensures perfect baseline stability and high accuracy of the resulting values.

Ruggedized, light-weight and compact strong construction make it ideal for use in the field. Easy-to-read graphic display, user-friendly special operating system and data acquisition software. Automatic logging of all measured data. A powerful surface data-logging system for transparent, fast 3-D graphic visualization.

Fully integrated automatic GPS position logger up to centimeter accuracy on request An integral user-calibration facility provides on-site fast calibration and advanced whole dynamic range calibration. Reliable Oxygen reading. Possible integration to the monitoring stations network More detailed information can be found in our product brochures and in our technical factsheet. Visit the Technology Section on our website. It can make measurements repeatedly according to the pre-set measurement interval and automatically log the data to the internal disk.

The setting of all the measurement parameters, as well as communication with the server can be set either individually at each station or remotely from the server. The server can download the data from each station either automatically at pre-set intervals or data could be downloaded from any station at any time.

All the stations could be connected via cellular network or via radio-modems. The server displays all the individual stations in the terrain map. Clicking on the each station the server provides the history of measured data. The server can also announce the alarm if the measured value at any station exceed pre-set limit.

All the remote control, as well as measured data download can be accessible via the Internet. History of measurements at one station for all the selection of measurement channels Pic. Table of one station measured value history Pic. Set-up of one monitoring station Set-up of one monitoring station: Central switch box white case Zeroing Air Filter.


ECOPROBE 5 – Specifications

Effectiveness in the detection and monitoring of contaminant spills and plume migration is substantially enhanced by the incorporation of ancillary data. The extremely high zero stability, combined with suppression of Methane by the PID analyzer, provides a detection capability undiminished by natural hydrocarbon occurrence, ensuring the application of optimum sensitivity levels. UST and pipeline leakage detection and localization are further extensions of the soil contaminant application, as the tracking of contamination from agricultural waste. Less obvious applications are to be found in the detection and monitoring of organic toxins in industrial fields. Minute traces of gas can be an indication of approaching breakdown of a shaft seal or packing in a process vessel with externally driven components.


ECOPROBE 5 – Advantages


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