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Factories designed complex mechanisms and maintained the security of the key system with key cards and special forms. DORMA maintains key control by serializing every key blank. Authorized resellers and key cutters use a secure, web-based application to verify and track every single key. This makes it possible to use interchangeable cores where they are most needed and conventional cylinders where they are not.

Facilities with a mix of BestTM style interchangeable cores and conventional architectural hardware can use a single key system without replacing any locks. Wide and narrow stile exit devices for highimpact applications are available in rim, mortise, and surface or concealed rod configurations in both fire- and panic-rated versions. A delayed egress exit device is available when security and safety are a concern. They offer the specifier a selection of true architectural finishes and a full complement of electrified options, including alarmed exit, delayed egress exit, electric latch retraction, and device monitoring.

The heavy-duty cast chassis provides superior durability, while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards. The partial length touchpad permits field installation of options such as cylinder dogging and exit alarm. A full complement of free wheeling lever trim is available in a wide range of architectural finishes. The heavy-duty cast chassis design permits installation on narrow stile doors where a standard device may not fit. The smooth projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards.

The DORMA Series narrow stile exit devices are available in a wide range of models and offer a full complement of free wheeling lever trim to meet most narrow stile door applications. The DORMA Series narrow stile exit device with full length touchbar is a vertical panic device for egress control installation on tempered glass doors in which security, reliability, and appearance are considerations.

This narrow stile architectural device with full-length touchbar provides a less conspicuous alternative for tempered glass doors. The touchbar, rail assembly, and integral parts are constructed of solid steel with covers and end caps developed from highimpact ABS thermoplastic.

The devices are offered in an array of durable powder coated finishes and stainless steel. DORMA surface closers offer an assortment of specialty function arms, mounting plates and brackets, and a wide range of painted or electroplated architectural finishes to suit almost any application. These feature-rich closers provide full-range spring power adjustment, independent latch and sweep speed valves, backcheck BC and backcheck positioning P valves, along with a narrow projection full cover, flat form style arm, fullsize template, and separate wood and metal screws—all standard.

The Series delivers the perfect combination of durability, reliability, and appearance. Doors equipped with the TS93 will open much more easily than doors with rack and pinion closers. The TS93 is a closer with regular arm operating efficiency and track arm aesthetics. With features like full range spring power adjustment and backcheck positioning valve, the Series closer provides the flexibility needed to meet the many demands of commercial and institutional applications, including ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements.

Ideal for use in severe climate conditions, such as seashore and swimming pool areas, offshore oil rigs, ships, chemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, or anywhere rust and corrosion present a problem. This Grade 1 hydraulic surface door closer is both flexible and easy to install. These features, along with numerous installation options and fixed spring sizes, make this Grade 1 closer an ideal solution in a variety of applications.

DORMA offers the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed door closer. All products comply with barrier-free requirements and can be used with aluminum, wood, or hollow metal doors and frames. Because the BTS80 can control exceptionally heavy single- and double-acting doors, it can be incorporated into almost any design to meet most materials, size, and weight requirements.

Versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction. A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the BTS75V suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application. Adjustable spring power from size 1—4 allows the necessary adjustment required for both barrier-free and non barrier-free openings, giving ultimate installation flexibility. The unique cam and roller technology meets the challenge of providing the operation and features necessary in a compact design.

It can be easily installed in wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames, for single and double-acting doors. Contractors appreciate the RTS88 closer because the majority of door and frame preparation is done prior to installation of the unit, resulting in less on-site machining. DORMA pivots support door weight effectively in a variety of applications. Like all DORMA products, our pivots are available in an array of finishes to enhance and complement surrounding decor.

Pivots for 20 minute and 3 hour fire-rated doors comply with applicable codes. They can also be used on doors of special design such as paneled doors, and doors of unusual weight, thickness, or material. The hidden rollers operate on a compact track that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or recessed into the ceiling for an all-glass look. The system also provides superior versatility in installation and maintenance with no glass fabrication.

The Syncro version allows two panels to open and close simultaneously. MANET doors discreetly enhance the ambience of any room. High quality stainless steel fittings create sliding doors with minimal hardware—the glass doors virtually appear to float.

Smooth-running rollers glide on the track, ensuring efficient, quiet operation every time. MANET systems accommodate single, bi-parting, and curved applications. Once the door has been opened or closed, an end stop holds the panel in place— eliminating both uncontrolled fallback and incomplete closure.

Among the most advanced door controls ever developed, this remarkable product combines, in one universal design, complete flexibility and computer-enhanced sensitivity to user needs. The ED is designed for manual openings that occasionally require automatic opening. It fulfills the need for constant reliable closing control of doors while providing the power to open them as needed for the physically challenged.

The versatile MAGNEO meets all safety requirements for low energy applications and its extra sensitive operation instantly detects any obstruction. Its sleek, clean lines blend seamlessly into any application to meet discriminating needs.

Activation is achieved via touchless design push plate, radio remote control, or motion detectors. Accessories: The ED can be activated by a variety of hard wired or radio frequency switches and transmitters. Electronic components are also available for designing integrated systems. The non-detectored models and EMF Series can function as companion units to the detectored SD and EMR devices, or they can be wired directly into a central alarm system.

The TS93 closer with the extra efficient cam and roller technology can be used on larger doors, while the rack and pinion closer offers a narrow projection for less cost. When value engineering is a concern, the meets the need. These units will operate as a standard door control, whether or not power is applied.

This line complements our existing full range of door closers, providing a total door control system. Separate stops and holders are the preferred method of limiting door swing. They are ideal where the use of wall or floor stops is precluded. These high quality units are both durable and visually pleasing.

Optional plated finishes are also available. Add-on catch plate extensions further enhance flexibility. This series serves as an economical package for use in conjunction with DORMA door closers whenever controlled release and closing of doors is necessary for safety or convenience such as in hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The EM Series magnets offer superior reliability with builtin protection and low residual magnetism so they release easily even in applications meeting ADA requirements with minimal spring force door closers.

The closer provides a wide range of application solutions through integrated arm and performance options. This Grade 1 closer provides exceptional service life through the use of heavy-duty, precision manufactured materials. The GSR Series combines exceptionally smooth, efficient door control with proper sequential closing for pairs of doors equipped with astragals or exit devices.

Electromagnetic locks, including specialized locks, are designed for such applications as gates, cabinets and sliding doors.

Also available are shear locks, delayed egress locks, power supplies, electric strikes, and programmable digital keypads. Completing this line of equipment are desktop consoles along with push-button and key switch combinations. A highly efficient GSR coordinator housed in the track unit provides dependable sequential closing of doors.

TS93 GSR closers comply with barrier-free requirements. The GSR mechanism coordinates sequential closing of doors, holds active door open until inactive door triggers release, and operates only when inactive door is opened. These locks are ideal for openings that require extra security and the ability to integrate with the total door system. Positive, instantaneous, fail-safe operation is guaranteed, without moving parts to bind or wear.

The magnets are virtually maintenance-free, even under the heaviest traffic demands. The interlocking mounting plate design provides frame reinforcement for integrity and quick mounting with standard screws. The lock has no permanently attached cable, since the wires are pulled into the magnetic lock after frame mounting.

The field adjustment capabilities of these advanced locks ensure proper operation after final installation alignment. These U. This feature makes it ideal for deterring shoplifting, employee theft, and wandering patients.

The RF option adds a built-in battery charger, output load regulation and input line filtering. The Power Supply control modules and options provide the necessary features and functions to meet virtually any application.


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Pty Ltd 1. Pty Ltd. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Company. Should any queries exist, these must be communicated in writing within 14 days of statement date, so that these can be resolved timeously and not jeopardise any settlement discounts that may be taken thereon. The packed weight shall be marked on the packaging. Should the Buyer elect not to weigh the goods on receipt then he accepts the contents as declared by the Company. No claims for short delivery will be entertained unless the Buyer can prove that the goods delivered are not of the weight declared on the packaging.

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