Costa, a member of the huge Carnival Corporation family of cruise lines, is taking the lead. Costa Fortuna, launched in November of , represents a continued evolution. The strategy of the Genoa-based company, as it unveils its new ships, is to provide a mostly European passenger base with the same amenities -- high balcony ratio, an alternative restaurant, and a splashy decorating scheme -- as those that North American travelers now demand. What you get, ultimately, is a pan-European cruise experience mixed with American-style comforts. Costa Fortuna is not as neon-flashy as Carnival and yet is definitely more lively, in color and texture, than traditional European cruise ships. Fellow Passengers Expect to find that about 15 percent of passengers hail from North American; the rest are primarily from Italy, Spain, France and Germany and, as a result, on important announcements and during the muster drill each message is repeated in five different languages.

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We arranged for the appropriate visas for Cambodia, travel insurance and up to date passports as these were required documentations BY COSTA, otherwise you would be Read More We were really excited to be going on the Costa Fortuna cruise ship. We arranged for the appropriate visas for Cambodia, travel insurance and up to date passports as these were required documentations BY COSTA, otherwise you would be denied boarding the cruise.

The food was horrible, at the buffet and for 2 weeks it was same for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the so called bacon they served was burnt that it looked like it was cremated. Coffee was only served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bad luck if you went on an excursion and returned late as after 2pm doors were closed and reopened at 7pm. Hand sanitizers in the eating areas were often empty or broken.

With the Corona virus around you would think that COSTA would have someone at each point where the sanitizers were to insure people used them before entering the buffet area but not one attended was ever present Now, for the dinner reservation at the fancy restaurants, well the meals were not that spectacular either, you had to pay for the water where it was free in the buffet.

The nightly shows in the theatre again were in Italian and again were not spectacular, people walked out numerous times. Restrooms are so hard to find they were hidden outside in a corner because they blended in with the wallpaper. The staffs at the reception desk were arrogant and not very helpful and would get irritated if you asked them a question. Every day an argument would occur between guests and staff. I guarantee that the sheets had not been changed not once in the 14 days we were there With so many of us complaining, a meeting was arranged with an English speaking lady from hospitality.

Another question was raised by a fellow passenger regarding the so called 10 Euros per person for room cleaning. We were told it is a gratuity fee that goes to the cleaners. For a couple of seconds everyone sat there looking stunned at what they heard then all hell broke loose.

We were in the middle of the ocean, where did she expect us to go. NOT going to do what you asked. Worse cruise ever. Read Less Sail Date February


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