He was associated with the movement, but his early works display expressionist elements, similar to some works by Francis Bacon. When the RCA said it would not let him graduate if he did not complete an assignment of a life drawing of a female model in , Hockney painted Life Painting for a Diploma in protest. He had refused to write an essay required for the final examination, saying he should be assessed solely on his artworks. Recognising his talent and growing reputation, the RCA changed its regulations and awarded the diploma. The artist lived back and forth among Los Angeles, London, and Paris in the late s to s.

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He also translates the visual experience of a sunset drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and through the Santa Monica Mountains into a minute-long sound experience, Wagner Drive , timed to convey the landscape via music to passengers in his red convertible Mercedes. It was like a movie. What you were seeing and what you were hearing came together in a fantastic way. They saw that what I was doing was telling you to look.

Someone wanted to film it, but I said it was a four-dimension experience, minimum. I did it in an open car, so you could look around in every direction.

I knew what speed to go at, when to press my buttons to change the music. It took some time, but if I did it well, everything fitted marvelously. Photo by Ray Charles White Small Santa Monica and the Bay from the Mountains, Computer software drawing After attending a three-day technology conference in Silicon Valley, Hockney ventures into the new medium of computer drawing software—integral to his visual arts practice in the decades to come.

He makes drawings on an Apple MacIntosh computer using the Oasis program, and prints them out using the Canon color laser printer. I realized color was coming out in a different way, no film was being used, the camera was seeing and putting digits onto a disc. I then put the disc into a little machine tied to the printer and you could print the photographs practically any size.

If you printed four on a page, they were more sharply focused and the color seemed rather rich and rather unphotographic I was struck by the strong quality of the color. In his Hollywood Hills home, he shoots images that can be printed at human scale as soon as moments later. To friends he sends fifty copies of an album he titles 40 Snaps of My House, August The series L.

In this way it was possible to make images approaching life-size The color of the laser prints was quite unusual and intense—unlike any other kind of photographic reproduction. By shooting close to the subject one avoided the grainy effect caused by atmosphere between camera and subject. Page 1 from " L. Visitors" Page 2 from " L. Visitors" Page 3 from " L. Visitors" Page 4 from " L. Visitors" Page 5 from " L. Visitors" Page 6 from " L.

Visitors" Page 7 from " L. Visitors" Page 1 from " L. It will be three hours of absolute magic, I will make the eye hear more and the ear see more. I love the music and delight in finding forms to fit it. There were mist effects, all done just with color. Right at the end, it has to change back to this grand room in the palace where they ask Turandot, "Have you found his name?

The place was red, quite a brilliant red. With ordinary lights on it looked horrible. We put blue lights on it, which made it a deep purply shade.

Slowly, when she sang "His name is love," it began to change. As we put more red light on, it got redder and redder and redder. In the theater, though, it works stunningly. The ambitious Turandot project, which begins in September, is disrupted for a week in November when Hockney is hospitalized after a mild heart attack.





David Hockney



Cameraworks by David Hockney


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