Yonris Hidden behind a stack Qf cratas at thc eastern cnd of the room Search DC 10 is a part of the wall whcre the glass has cracked and splincered, creating a fissure lending into area This article needs additional citations for verification. We had some option of running away, but only to the beginning of the area that is a 1-way portal Y,;hether or iiot t! Adventurers could do worse than to find the wayward daughter and collect the 2, gp reward. He was recently hired by a powerful wizard to transporta object of great.

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Barrow II Directly across from the entrance tunnels is a secret door that leads to a water-filled passage. Another secret door leads to this same tunnel from the second crypt room just down the stairs from the entrance.

If you follow the tunnel all of the way down, it leads to a room with three chests. One of these chests contains the Lantern of Light that is needed for quest 9. Barrow III There are no secret areas here. Barrow IV After going down the first tube tunnel, there will be a circular room with a central pillar. On the west side of that pillar is a button that will open up a door on the east side of that pillar.

Behind the door is a pair of chests and some skeletons. Barrow V There are no secret areas here. Barrow VI Directly across from the entrance tunnels is a secret room. It can be opened from the secret door here, or the secret walls in both side rooms.

It contains a collection of items. Barrow VII The floor against the north wall will sink into the ground if the button on the north side of the southern altar is pushed. Stairs lead up and down to another room. At the peak of the stairs between these two rooms, there is an altar. The top of the altar slides away to reveal a sliding lever. The lever opens the wall opposite it allowing you to return to the barrow tunnels. There is a secret door in the west side of the room revealing gold and items.

Heading out the south exit, the west wall of the corridor is another secret door revealing a room of items. Finally, in the south wall of the last room is another secret door hiding more items. Barrow IX A bookcase in the entrance area hides a tunnel leading down. The far wall in the room at the bottom of this tunnel hides a chest that contains a barrow key.

These barrow keys can be used on the keyholes in barrows 7, 9, and 10 to unlock some of the map guides in the barrows. Barrow X The chest at the top of the stairs has a barrow key. The northwest wall is also a secret wall leading to a corridor that ends in another secret door.

Behind this door is a large crypt with a few gold pieces. Barrow XI There are no secret areas here. Barrow XII From the starting room, head west. The two doors in this room are opposites -- clicking on the north door opens the south door and vice versa.

Barrow XIV There are no secret areas here. Barrow XV Go through two doors. The odd colored square in the middle of the room is an elevator that raises you up to the last room. If you go down the passageway, you will get to a room with a pool in the middle and four side rooms in the cardinal directions. The pool is the lost meditation point needed for quest


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