The fighter and general feat Master of Mockery Dragon 88 grants the creature the ability to make a Perform comedy skill check as a standard action. Sign up using Facebook. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The play dead option for Combat Panache is nice.

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You will be able to take a bigger hit than wizards or rogues, but the barbarians and warblades clearly outshine you. Not the most vital attribute, but a good one to have. Overall, your Con modifier will factor into your HP more than this will.

Skill: You are a wisdom based caster with all the fluff for rooting out the truth. And yet you lack Sense Motive as a class skill. Proficiencies: On the plus side you have access to heavy armor, which will help keep you alive.

Equipment is one of your many decisions when optimizing and it should not be taken lightly. You are also proficient with shields, so make sure to grab an animated one.

They help both ranged and melee fighters. The biggest downside is the simple weapon only clause, unless you take the War Domain. Aura: If you worship a deity you glow with its aura. This has no benefit and merely helps reveal you to enemies. The only upside comes from being neutral and having an evil deity. Paladins waste their smite evil on you. Spells: Cleric spells are awesome. Righteous Might? Righteous Wrath?! The list goes on.

Deity: Deities supply domains. In a campaign where you have to pick a deity this can be a boon or hindrance. If you know what domains you want and there is a deity that supplies them, it really is a nice thing. Domain Powers: These are some of the best things clerics have to offer. They are also the reason Cleric 1 is a great dip. Most of the best powers come in the form of bonus feats or things like uncanny dodge. Whatever the case may be, you can do a lot with these powers, so make good use of them.

You can talk to an owl? If you need knowledge nature for some reason take the Knowledge Domain. There just are not enough of these spells to make it worthwhile. Death - In a core only game this may be useful. Destruction - A sub par smite. Protection - Resistance bonus? Strength - Enhancement bonus? For 1 round? I mean if you really, really need to break down that door But that just means you should have taken the Magic Domain and gotten an appropriate Wiz scroll.

War - Proficiency and weapon focus? Ordained Champion makes good use of it. Knowledge - This is great for 3 reasons. One, you get all knowledge skills, which is useful. Two, you can trade it for knowledge devotion, which is sweet. Three, cloistered clerics get it for free. The increased caster level for a whole school of magic is just icing. Luck - Rerolls are golden. Did you just roll a one on the save from that Bodak?

Try again. Magic - All kinds of magical items are now at your disposal. Who needs a wizard when you can do both? A great domain power. Sun - Absolutely beautiful. Travel - Su Freedom of Movement that requires no action to use? Very nice. Trickery - For skillmonkey clerics, this is a wonderful domain. Great for an urban campaign. Helps you make a great party face. Spell Compendium Courage - Terrible. Morale v fear is way too common. Craft - Weak bonus feat Skill Focus - Craft any and descriptor-caster level increase.

Not worth it. Creation - Like craft but without a feat attached. Darkness - A very bad bonus feat Blind-Fight. Try something else. Or you prestiged into Divine Oracle for heavy-armor-evasion? Dwarf - Worthless. Unless you need Great Fortitude as a pre-req, pass. Envy - One skill? Worse than a subschool caster level increase? Especially since everyone has to stay really close to you. Greed - Bad bonus on cross-class skills.

Always a bad choice. Madness - This is one of the most confusing domain powers. Plus you take a hit to everything except one time per day you get a boost. Mentalism - Resistance? Metal - Proficiency and focus Like the war domain, but restricted.

Pass this one. Nobility - Like a bad Bard imitation. Find another way to cover morale bonuses. Portal - Portal detection? I mean if you are in FR and in the Underdark, maybe. But even then, probably no. Renewal - No. Just no.

Retribution - Max damage? Once a day? Not worth it, in my book. Rune - Seriously? Even wizards trade away scribe scroll. Sloth - Funny. Not funny haha, funny terrible. Storm - Resistance 5? Suffering - Overall poor choice. Take the death domain instead. Trade - Free action is nice, but everything else makes this ability blow chunks. Tyranny - Like spell focus, but more limited and terrible. Wealth - Absolutely useless. Wrath - Craptastic. Abyss - Kind of like rage, but you can cast spells.

And a limited duration. Plus it counts as two domains.


Obscure Feats

Re: Feats for a Master of Many Forms? Originally Posted by Adumbration Slightly off the topic, though: Does anyone know any good flying forms? Follow the link I posted. Type in "fly" and search.



Feats compendium[ edit ] Would such a thing infringes copyright? If not, I think it would be worth doing it. See the SRD main page. It should also now show up on the Feats page. But to have such a list here would help making us a one-stop reference point and would also allow us to integrate NBoF and homebrew feats. Plus, the discussion page could be used for disambiguation. Yeah, I know is it a long work, but maybe that can be built over time.


SRD Talk:Feats

Leilani is the character portrayed in my current chat avatar. If she decides to learn to defend herself, that would be taken care of by magic items only. Leilani grew as an orphan in a traveling circus. She liked exploring the woods and being on the stage and she improved really fast, becoming an enfant-prodige. When she turned level 3 she was shown a portal for somewhere that was really exciting but dangerous: the Planes. She decided to stay there she was never great at making lasting bonds and she actually felt it was a good thing, never having to suffer when they break , looking for people who liked her art enough to decide to protect her for free. Being killed and resurrected once convinced her to train a little on the defensive side, so she tried to take profit from her good dexterity and took Darkstalker, paired with a Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis and several Initiative boosts.

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