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I ended up ordering from Amazon, and the trailer arrived unscathed. Putting the trailer together was reasonably easy, because I had the required tools. Having a ratchet with a Torx bit, an 11mm socket, and an 11mm wrench helped tremendously. The wheels snap in with a pushbutton release in the center, the stroller arm goes in with a couple of pins, and everything else is basically pre-assembled.

But yes, the front bumper is a big enough pain that it warranted some griping What really surprised me was that the trailer itself was basically the same as the Croozer uses an axle post with a pin-and-retainer mechanism to attach to your bike. If your rear wheel has a quick release, installing it takes about five minutes, tops.

One thing I was especially happy about, was that Croozer includes two axle posts, so I was able to put one on my bike too, without spending more money. The stroller wheel looks a bit cheap, but works well note: if you do buy this, make sure the strap that holds the pin for the stroller wheel is under the bumper when you assemble it!

As a stroller, this thing glides wherever you push it, and the rear brakes are super solid. In terms of overall build quality, this looks and feels every bit as good as the more expensive trailers. In the research I did, a few people were calling the a "Chinese Chariot Cougar 2". Having actually seen a Cougar 2, I can certainly see the comparisons. With the exception of the jogging wheel and a few 10cm about 4" differences in width and height, the and are basically the same. So why make things harder on yourself by buying a bunch of separate items when one will do the trick?

Enter the Croozer double child carrier, which combines a stroller, jogger, and bicycle trailer all in one. However, the front of the unit varies depending on the use. As a bicycle carrier, the Croozer offers a sturdy bicycle hitch arm with two axle-mounted hitches.

Once your bike ride is complete, you can attach the 8-inch stroller wheel and walk your children to the grocery store or around the block. The Croozer is extremely safe thanks to the low center of gravity, which will keep your children from tipping around turns. And parents will love the spacious storage area behind the seat, which is ideal for toys, groceries, and other smallish items.

Best of all for space-challenged parents, the trailer offers a patented quick fold system for easy storage in small rooms.

Other features include reflective tape on the sides and rear, a safety flag for use as a bike carrier, The Croozer converts from a bike trailer to a stroller or jogger. Click the corresponding icon below: Posted by Jaime Remillard at





Fahrradanhänger aus Köln seit 1993



Fahrradanhänger aus Köln seit 1993


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