Jun 25, Judith rated it really liked it. Angelo falls completely in love with Peyton. I enjoyed reading a book that was about something real, the haves and the have nots! Courting Justice This title three me for a loop. Found at these bookshops Searching — please wait Previous page of related Sponsored Products. I really love how the ending played out.

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District courthouse in lower Manhattan. Government prosecutors, headed by Attorney Samuel Maxilla, were shocked when their key witness in the case broke down after only fifteen minutes on the stand under cross-examination from Di Meglio.

Di Meglio, how did the case come together? DeAngelo shook his head. Ivan Russ had actually believed that it was better for his dying wife to believe he was an embezzler rather than find out he was unfaithful. They had all dropped by his office to congratulate him on winning a case many had thought would last for weeks or months.

The federal prosecutors had boasted that they had an airtight case against the senator, and when they found a briefcase filled with half a million dollars buried in his backyard, many assumed he was guilty. DeAngelo got the sense that Senator Russ was trying to hide something, trying to protect someone. Momentarily distracted, DeAngelo blinked when his father snapped a finger in front of his face. That case has consumed you for months now, and I speak on behalf of this entire firm in saying that you made us proud today.

Coming from his parents, it meant a lot. They were all Di Meglios, and had made a name for themselves representing the rich and famous. She was a partner in two law firms—one in Houston and another in Oklahoma City—and she had called moments ago to congratulate him and to tell him how proud she was of him.

The case not only made national headlines, it even made news overseas. Winning this case makes you one of the hottest lawyers around. Both tried to look serious, but Angelo saw the amusement lurking behind their dark eyes. Instead he glanced over at his uncle Leandro.

I may be news today, but history tomorrow. Fed—as everyone called him—was the middle Di Meglio brother, and the uncle who was the most fun to be around.

It seemed that winning a high-profile case had not only given a boost to his career but also to his love life. These days he dated just for fun, and always let the women he went out with know beforehand that there was no chance of emotional involvement.

He paused a second after locking his office door and glanced around. Everyone had left hours ago, but he and his two cousins had stayed late to celebrate some more. Back in the day he would have gone along with the kind of partying Maddox had in mind—beautiful women and lots of champagne—but not now.

He knew his cousins were wondering just what the hell was wrong with him since for the past couple of years his wild bachelor lifestyle had begun winding down. They accused him of no longer being any fun—like tonight. No doubt Maddox and Damon had hooked up with some hot women and had plans for an outrageous night.

He had received lots of calls that day. There were the morning talk shows that called to get an interview and several well-known publishers offering book deals. Tomorrow, he decided, he would hire someone to handle all the press. He fished his car keys out of his coat pocket. He opened the door to his two-seater Mercedes sports car and slid in. He had stopped seeing them for a reason. It seemed that lately one woman in particular seemed to dominate his thoughts.

After buckling his seat belt, he pulled out his cell phone and checked his messages. He would have to clear some of them out, he thought as texts and voice mails nearly totaled a hundred. Since she was a lawyer herself, she would know what that meant and how it felt. Both women had been lookers, but there had been something special about Peyton that held his interest, if only for a moment. It was easy enough to see that she had issues.

It was subtle—and sexual, or so he thought—but his interest increased whenever he saw her. At first, he chalked it up to her being different. But then things changed when he made a surprise visit to his sister in Oklahoma, only to find she was away on a business trip in Florida for several days.

With him, she let her guard down. And in doing so, he found her even more intriguing. Those five days had been special.

He was about to slide his cell phone back into his pocket when it rang. He glanced at the caller ID and when he saw it was an Oklahoma number, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He felt a twinge that sent a fluttery feeling through his body. He pressed the key to connect the call. And the second, a compliment coming from her meant everything.

I appreciate you calling. It was difficult at times. I go to trial in a couple of weeks, so wish me luck. I want some of that Di Meglio courtroom magic to rub off on me. The thought of his hands touching her skin sent shivers of desire down his spine.

Now he was beginning to wonder what it took to go from The Man to her man. She still thought he was that skirt-chasing Di Meglio who enjoyed adding notches to his bedpost. He ro lled down the car window to let in the summer breeze as he drove toward his place in Long Island. He wondered where she was. At the office?

I have to be back in court first thing in the morning. Gotta go, Angelo. It was good talking to you. She usually worked from sunup to sundown on her cases, and when she did take a break from the office he knew that she usually headed back home to Chicago to do pro bono work in the community.

If only she knew that was the last thing he intended to do. He would go home, shower, retire early and lie in bed savoring her phone call. By staying focused and understanding what I really want out of life, he thought to himself. Goose bumps pricked his skin and stoked his libido in a way that only she could do.





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