A Peculiar Treasure. An autobiography. Buttered Side Down. Doubleday Doran, New York Nachdr.

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Start your review of Cimarron Write a review Shelves: fiction The most popular book of ! So my second crazy reading goal of is to read the most popular book of the year for each year that ends in zero, beginning in Im intentionally choosing popular books over either classic or critically acclaimed because Im hoping to catch a little bit of the cultural zeitgeist that was prevalent at the time.

Kind of like what were people into back then and what resonated with them. Hence Cimarron by Edna Ferber. Set against the rough and tumble Oklahoma The most popular book of ! So my expectations were low …. Ferber picks a great setting for her story. Her character work is also quite nice. The downside is that — as in the real world -- the cute and quaint is tarred pretty heavily with prejudice. The daughter of a Jewish family, Ferber knew discrimination well, and she portrays it unflinchingly in Cimarron, describing the racism faced by women, African Americans, Native Americans, and Jews in the territory.

And this is where Cimarron is deceptively complex. Mostly it reads like a bright historical romance, but then there are these awful deep parts — none darker than what happens to the poor boy Isaiah — all presented at face value, leaving the reader to parse out the inequality. Menfolk, for example, may have grabbed the headlines and been made the subject of statues with their six-shooters and swagger, but it was the indefatigable pioneer women — largely overlooked -- who laid the bedrock for the society that grew on those empty plains.

Ultimately, Cimarron is a subtle cry for recognition for all those folk that pioneer history had seemed to forget, ignore or outright abuse.


Edna Ferber

Every settler is desperate to stake his claim on the best piece of land near water. Cimarron involves two land runs. The first , for the Unassigned Lands , occurred on April 22, The second , for the Cherokee Outlet commonly called the Cherokee Strip occurred in The piece of land in question had been allotted to the Cherokee Nation as part of the Treaty of New Echota , while the rest of the Oklahoma Territory had been opened to settlers.


Cimarron by Edna Ferber, First Edition

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. At the jump off point, it seems to Sabra that her husband knows everyone in Oklahoma, from Ned the cavalry officer to dance hall girl Dixie Lee Anne Baxter. Yancey joins his friend Sam Pegler Robert Keith in fighting them off. When a Cavalry officer confirms that the couple have a right to be there, the crowd disperses. Yountis threatens Pegler, a newspaper editor, if he tries the same crusading here that he did in Texas.





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