Yet one man has now grasped what so many others have not: if Augusto Pinochet is not immune then no one is. And that man is now extremely twitchy. But it is. In writing this book I have been amazed by the wealth of hostile and discreditable material, such as the betrayal of the Iraqi Kurds and the support for South African destabilisation of Angola, that I have been compelled to omit. Morally repulsive as these may be, I have limited myself to those Kissingerian offences, as revealed in declassified documents, for which there is a prima facie case for prosecution on counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and offences against international law. Kissinger symbolises the pornography of power.

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Jul 27, Murtaza rated it liked it A long essay that seeks to do precisely what the title suggests: build a legal case for crimes against humanity against Henry Kissinger. Those expecting the literary ornamentation that Hitchens is known for will be mostly disappointed. This is more like a hard-nosed legal brief. This is a whirlwind tour of bad acts A long essay that seeks to do precisely what the title suggests: build a legal case for crimes against humanity against Henry Kissinger.

This is a whirlwind tour of bad acts around the world and presumes a high degree of prior knowledge. Although Hitchens effectively makes the case that Kissinger was a bad guy, the book actually made me wonder why he alone should be singled out as prime villain. Kissinger was part of a long-running enterprise of state terrorism of which he was only one bombastic, arrogant and thoughtless player. This is really a condemnation of an empire and a ruling class that thinks nothing of smashing the lives of a few hundred thousand of people if some short-term benefit can maybe be gleaned form it.

Kissinger was the product of a system that allowed him to get away with the murders of people in Laos and Cambodia, even the needless expenditure of U. Maybe this makes the United States no worse than other states or empires, but it also belies its insistent emotional claims to being better. Nevertheless he is somehow still alive and free after all these years. Kissinger is by no means unwelcome in Washington DC today.

That should tell you some hard truths about the ruling class of which he is a part. It should also suggest something about what that they have been up to in the world since he exited the stage.


The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

Henry Kissinger Henry Kissinger served as Secretary of State from to , as well as assistant to the President in regards to National Security Affairs from to It was during his time as Secretary of State that many people eventually held him partially to primarily responsible for some of the events of foreign policy that occurred during that time. Christopher Hitchens was one of these people. In fact, Kissinger is one of the few subjects of which Hitchens wrote a novel about, which was titled "The Trial of Henry Kissinger". Hitchens always believed that Kissinger should be prosecuted for a number of offenses to foreign policy that he presided over during his time as the Secretary of State. According to Hitchens, this prosecution was necessary because of "war crimes, crimes against humanity, and offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit, murder, kidnap and torture. Within these articles and debates, Hitchens primary complaints and criticisms of Kissinger centered around the events in Chile and Argentina, as well as France.


Henry Kissinger



The Trial of Henry Kissinger


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