Tags: blender book 3d art character modeling Jonathan Williamson is established in the Blender community as an instructor for the Blender Cookie tutorial website. So it probably comes as no surprise that he should write an instructional book on using Blender. This one is an impressive work, and despite a relatively high price, may be worth your time if you want a thorough introduction to designing and modeling characters in Blender. However, it does seem to be self-contained enough to be used for self-study at home.

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Written in a tutorial style with step-by-step instructions the book also includes an accompanying CD-Rom that features the Blender 2. About the Book Character Development in Blender 2. Providing both the how and why behind each new tool or skill presented, the book is written in a step-by-step format so you can easily follow along. Divided into five parts, the book covers box modeling, poly-by-poly modeling, sculpting, retopologizing, normal mapping, and more.

Part Four provides a brief introduction to lighting and rendering characters, before the final section of the book walks you through the process needed to prepare the character for complete texturing, and shows how to bake and apply normal maps to a low-resolution version of the character. Character Development in Blender 2. Covers the latest Blender release, version 2. Suitable for animators, game developers, and filmmakers interested in creating characters. Gardner on Jul 05, This book is an invaluable resource.

As a long time 3d artist, I have picked up little tricks here and there that really bring pieces together well. Jonathan manages to cover these little tricks and more, assisting even the beginner 3D artist in creating a piece of art that feels well polished. A great book and a great read. Also, their website blendercookie. Check it out. The only con I have is the pictures in the book are kind of dark, but the included dvd remedies that nicely.

The book turned up yesterday July 18 , at least 2 weeks earlier than expected. That being said, the content of the book is exactly what I paid for; after spending countless hours trolling the Internet for character modelling tutorials over many months, I had been waiting patiently since reading the publication date for this book.

It guides you through the interface of Blender 2. For me, this has become my character modelling bible. Excellent book, exactly what I needed By Gameplayer13 on Dec 27, This book has helped me in my character modeling with Blender considerably. Easy to follow technique for modeling a hi-poly character followed by a low er -poly model for animating. It has significantly changed my workflow for the better and I have already been able to put it into practice professionally.

Thank you. Informative By Amazon Customer on Oct 07, With no previous experience, I needed a book that would effectively introduce me to Blender and show me the basics of character design. This book does just that as well as imprints the knowledge so that it can be easily applied in other projects. Making some of the steps very difficult as it is impossible to see. Overall it is very informative. Excellent Book.

By Oarfk on Jul 12, Jonathan Williamson has been one of the fore front artists who have taken the initiative of presenting high quality blender training.

As I have followed the tutorials made by Jonathan on his website on blendercookie. His skills especially as a character modeler are excellent and this book specially deals in modeling a character.

Best part is Video tutorial By Reidh Beallagh on Apr 13, I find it difficult to follow descriptive explanation in pages on how to Block and shape model. For an example on Page mid page, "Continuing to use the Extrude tool, you can select the top vertices and extrude them up several times to the top of the shoulders. This is best done while while switching between your various views front, side, back, and so on to get a more accurate model [ this last sentence falls upon a boggled minds ears ].

I have also extruded the bottom of the mesh down several page times to form the shape of the coat hem. If you have any problems concentrating on verbal descriptions of visual activities without accompanying pictures, I would suggest buying J. But I prefer PDF tutorials, which alas this book is not very much like. But for the video learning data included It is one of the best books available on this subject I could imagine having.

Maybe after having had and used it longer than a few days I will amend this whole review. Perhaps there is a different level for people like me. But for me there should be; A. Deaf-like and dumb stupid Nooby, B. Blender is like a fine tool that is free, but is still a fine tool.

It kicks my Oss. Awesome Book! Jonathan takes you thru the process step by step and made me feel that I can create wonderful characters.

I highly recommend this book to even those with little experience in blender. Helps me create By Natti on Aug 05, I fell in love with this book from the first time I picked it up.

It has all the things I need to do my character modeling and it also gives me ideas to branch out on my own. Thought I am not reading it through and through, I can tell you, for what I use it for, buying it is the best decision I have made.

Great for beginners! By Ernest Mallett on Aug 03, Let me start off by saying that when I bought this book I have had Blender installed for over a year and only opened it maybe twice. Online tutorials were hard for me to follow and since I recently started developing a new PC game I had two options: 1: Hire a modeller 2: Learn modelling myself So I decided to pick up this book to learn the basics of character development using Blender.

I figure that if I can build a person then I can build practically anything that I needed. Well the book arrived a few hours ago and I flipped through checking out some of the examples. The author does a great job in explaining everything in plain English, from setting up blender to building the character you see on the cover even the small details. I love this! Being an absolute beginner with Blender I absolutely love this book and believe that after I am comfortable with Blender I will continue to use this book as a reference.

If you know nothing about Blender and are wondering where to start, this is it!! Pros: Great for beginners, easily explained, wonderful example Cons: May not be a good book if you are experienced in Blender and are looking for something complex. Perfect introduction, and guide By Amazon Customer on Apr 25, I was immensely sayiafied with this book. It guides you through the beginnings of blender getting down all of the features in independent sections, which is useful whe you want to focus on a paticular skill such as sculpting.

For me the book really shines as a loose guide. I started out with my own modeling project entirely unrelated from the character in the book, but it still provided valuable techniques, tips and instructions for me to use. For example it provides an excellent chapter on sculpting which was one of my weakest skills, and it showed me how to use it in relation to character modelling.

The onlyplace this book really falls short is the fact that it is sometimes a bit vague and just generalizes. But I believe that this too can bbe advantage for a certain kind of person. It forces you to work with the icky bits yourself and figure things out, and make the character what you want it to, not what Mr, Willamson wanted it to be.

This book is of great value to both the beginner and the intermeidiate. It introduces the whole of blender while making it easy for more advanced user to delve deeper and brush up their skills. By Ray on Jul 26, Jonathan Williamson is a brilliant teacher. His step by step instructions are always clear and concise and easy to fallow. I highly recommend any of his books! Amazing book!

By Dillan on Jul 19, This book here goes very in detail on how to use blender, and make a complete character from a to z. I found this book extremely helpful. So extra footage and such so you can see instead of read. Some may find this useful, as to give a character a real feel you kind of need a material on it, not just vertex coloring. A must have I think for blender users.

Excellent book By Mostafa S. Abyad on Aug 18, This book is amazing gave the technique and tools to be a good character modeling. I had a previous knowledge in blender but this book gave a boost learning in sculpting and other techniques that you may pay a lot of money if you take such course in teaching institute. Also the videos with the book are excellent. I love it. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

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