Supplementary books[ edit ] Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book published between Rodrick Rules and The Last Straw is an activity book that features a blank section encouraging readers to keep their own journal in the style of the books. The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary is a book about the making of the first film , which features stills and brand-new illustrations. The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: Now Includes The New Movie Rodrick Rules is an updated version of the first book, now featuring stills from the second film Rodrick Rules , more new illustrations, and information on how the second film was made. It is dedicated to Jason Drucker , the actor who played Greg in that movie.

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Plot[ edit ] The story starts before Christmas, when Greg Heffley wants to behave well to get really good gifts for the holidays. Greg is afraid of this doll because his brother makes fun of him using it. Greg starts playing an online game called "Net Kritterz" that is based on treating a virtual pet and requires paid features. They first try to build a cardboard home-made version of Pac-Man , but their plan fails as the cardboard of the game falls apart.

However, they find out that it is very expensive, so they try to establish their own newspaper. After narrowly escaping with only their face shapes noted, the school administrators and police start looking for the cause of the "vandalism": they ask the whole student body to tell them who did it anonymously.

Scared of getting caught, Rowley leaves a note at the principles desk anonymously saying "Me and Greg Heffley vandalised the school.

At one point, the electricity goes off and his family becomes extremely cold, nearly running short on food. After several days, Rowley comes and tells Greg that everyone else in their street has electricity, so Greg checks the power box. Greg finds Manny living luxuriously in his room surrounded by food, warmth, and toys without notifying his family because, as Manny claims, nobody taught him how to tie his shoes.

Before Christmas, Susan asks Greg to take a gift to the police station to place in their toy drive box. He eventually finds the bin, but disappointed to see no cash. When Greg comes home, the police arrive to his horror, but as it turns out they were only asking for toys for the toy drive. After awkwardly showing them a used toy to which they reject, they soon leave. Later on, he discovers the newspaper praising his act of clearing the church driveway to allow a soup kitchen to operate, although the face mask he put on during his stealthy toy donation prevents his actual recognition.

Reception[ edit ] The book received critical acclaim and is generally considered the best entry in the series, [6] with the book being nominated for a Harvey Award for a "Special Award for Humor in Comics". However, as of February 29th, , no updates of the project have been announced ever since.


Cabin Fever (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6)



Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever Book 6




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