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Bajora Software hardly falls into class I. Recycled medical devices must be as safe for the patient as first or single used. This applies especially to products with increased risk. If no EU declaration of conformity has been issued, the declaration is incomplete or technically not documented, the medical device can be described as officially io.

Immediately after receipt of the goods, we will initiate the testing of the specified reprocessing procedure for your medical device. EN ISO specifies the requirements for this. Does the instructions for use meet the legal requirements? These bodies would have to report any new application for conformity assessment for a high-risk product of this Medical Device Coordination Group. Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation For the content of the technical documentation.

This means that the products must not be microbially contaminated or functionally impaired. This particularly applies to Class I medical devices which must be sterilized before use and which have not yet been subject to inspection by a Notified Body prior to market approval.

Inspection, maintenance and functionality testing Packaging Sterilization Storage Transportation. It is likely that some processing procedures will be generic and well known and will use equipment and consumables conforming to recognized standards.

Involve HygCen at an early stage in the review of your healthcare reprocessing process. To the classification of some products. Please tell us for this, which medical device and application area it is. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Io will receive a test report incl. If the manufacturer does not restore compliance within the time limits, the medical device may be prohibited from entering the market.

We store information about your visit in so-called cookies. In addition, MDR specifies specific requirements:. IFUs for reprocessing Avoid unnecessary risks and costs! Take the next step How can we help you? Currently, a significantly higher documentation effort for manufacturers is emerging. Can the prescribed reprocessing process be technically and personally implemented by the operator? Duration of use HygCen checks how often your medical device can be processed without damage.

Submission form on the completeness of reprocessing validation documentation according to EN ISO Rights as a patient Recycled medical devices must be safe for the patient as first or single used.

In general, the validation of the reprocessing process becomes more important. The classification includes an overall assessment and, if applicable, a rating in accordance with EN ISO as well as other standards and acceptance criteria. What are the consequences of the new MDR for manufacturers?

State a reprocessing process As a manufacturer, you must state one reprocessing process. Pre-treatment at the site of use before processing Preparation before cleaning Cleaning Disinfection Drying. If the reprocessing instruction is defective, the purchaser must ask the manufacturer for an EN ISO compliant user manual. In the future, only these specially designated bodies will be able to carry out conformity assessments for high-risk products.

There 1 million hospital infections annually in Germany. Clinical evaluations need to be updated using post-market data of the post-market surveillance. Requirements are specified for processing that consists of all or some of the following activities: For those medical devices where instructions for use are not required to accompany the medical device, other means of communicating the information can be used, e.

Staff members should be able to properly reprocess medical devices before each use using the instructions for use. Method of detection As a manufacturer, you must ensure a valid reprocessing process by demonstrating the cleaning an disinfection efficacy. We will be happy to validate your reprocessing process even before it is included in the instructions for use. For example, if the product has been in circulation for a long time. Medical devices containing carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxicants must meet higher requirements.

Furthermore, the reprocessing is subject to the recognized rules of technology and the occupational safety and accident prevention regulations. Be qualified for the reprocessing of medical devices. To the new responsible person. Depending on the reprocessing process, we are bound by other standards.

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