Evolution of Dictionary Bhagwadgomandal - A Historical Perspective The year is a milestone in the history of Dictionary making in Gujarati language; not that no dictionaries were created earlier, or that the dictionaries available till then were not reliable. It is still the dictionary recognized by both for spellings. But , was the year in which Gujarati language got a unique dictionary, say an encyclopedic dictionary. That was the year when Vol. And what a lexicon!

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Key Features: In nine volumes and nearly 10, pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years. It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name. Nine volumes include 28, idioms and more than 10, proverbs. It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati. It is not a simple dictionary, but a rare as well as authentic encyclopedia in true sense of the term.

What is Bhagavadgomanal? Over the years, some rare cultural events have occurred in Gujarati language and literature.

With 2. The process to prepare such magnum opus was undertaken in Gondal, a small princely state of erstwhile Kathiawar. Now it is a taluka place in Rajkot district. This whole exercise had consumed a long period of twenty seven years.

Mahatma Gandhiji, while blessing this adventure had written a letter to its editor, Chandulal B. In this dictionary, the routine words as used by the mass have been recorded. Such process has not been observed anywhere else.

In day-to-day conversation, we people hardly use about to words. The words which are rarely used or forgotten in our mother tongue are meticulously recorded here. Therefore, it is not a simple dictionary, but an encyclopedia. The information given here has passed the test of the time. In spite of the fact that after its first publication before six decades the basic information given in the first edition has not changed in any way.

This proves the farsightedness of its editorial board. A total number of 28, idioms and more than 10, proverbs are placed here.



This dictionary cum encyclopedia was created by Chandubhai Bahecharbhai Patel with the inspiration and active support from King Bhagavadsinghji [1]. Both were concerned that the language had no major dictionary to speak of despite centuries of rich cultural and literary heritage. It took more than 27 years of effort to collect all[ citation needed ] the words of Gujarati language and their definitions. The King and his team took an effort to collect the words not only from Gujarati, but also from the dialects spoken in various parts of Gujarat, such as Kutch , Kathiyawaad , North and South Gujarat. The whole project was supported by many literati, poets, historians, teachers and authors of that time. Three generation of Bhagavadsinhji continued their support[ citation needed ] for this mammoth task. Features[ edit ] The notable and unique aspect of Bhagavadgomandal is that it not only lists the spellings, grammar, usage and meanings of words, but it also provides historical facts and figures, diagrams, cross-references to other words and history of origin, wherever applicable.







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