A: Do the Damodar sidequest, and Madhuri will give you Candy part way through to get past the pixies. Q: How can I get nails and a hammer? A: You will find them in a chest in the palace pantry when you rescue Karl. Q: Why is the Intelligence Agency in Stormbend locked? There are two new agencies in Eldrion which teach new skills you need. Q: What can I do about getting the Empress a pie?

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A: Do the Damodar sidequest, and Madhuri will give you Candy part way through to get past the pixies. Q: How can I get nails and a hammer? A: You will find them in a chest in the palace pantry when you rescue Karl. Q: Why is the Intelligence Agency in Stormbend locked? There are two new agencies in Eldrion which teach new skills you need.

Q: What can I do about getting the Empress a pie? A: This quest requires bouncing back and forth numerous times between Tyobi and Harakauna, and involves a Rooster and a Mouse. Thankfully, the Magic Mirror Express makes this a lot easier. A: For all but Poison Ivy, which has only one level, the maximum is five.

After ten successful hits with a trick, it will increase one level. Q: Are there any side benefits of donating to the beggars? A: None for the one coin you give them but if you talk to them again, you can give more. When you give more, the beggar will tell you about a recipe for the Apothecary system. There is an Oasis there. Q: How can I remove the Cursed status?

When you are cursed, equip then unequip the armor, and your cursed status will be removed. This way, you can save your Witcheye Root for use during battle. Q: Where can I find the Love Potion recipe? A: From either Burnaby or his niece in Harburg. Q: How many bird forms can Yvette have, and what is special about them? Each bird form has its own combat skills. Q: How many eggs can we hatch in TLO?

Q: How many Attraction points can Spook have? Q: Where can I get attraction points for Spook? Q: Can you list all the negative and minus points separately, please? A: Yes, in Apothecary Recipe experimentation. Q: How many times can you be thrown in jail? The second requires the first. We strongly suggest you play the game through once without them, then use them for later playthroughs. They dramatically shorten the game and make it much easier. The maps which I will post on the forums will have them marked, but very subtly.

A: There is something mentioned in each part of the riddle that has a color associated with it … use those to determine what color each block should be.

Click on each block until it is the correct color: Highlight for color sequence: yellow, green, blue, gray Q: How can I get past the fourth level in the Rock-climbing test? A: First of all, use the keyboard instead of the mouse for this, and save after each level. That way, if you get hit, you can reload and not have to start all the way down again. When you get to the fourth level, climb up onto the cliff face while the boulder is still to the right. When it passes under you to the left, quickly climb down and run right.

A: Yes, there are three ways. Highlight for spoilers … - Paying to have his sculptured bust doctored - using an item you can buy - using an item you can make with Apothecary experimentation Q: Where can I find a new act for the Circus?

A: This requires having helped Hercules, including blowing up the bridge in the Crystal Caverns. Later, you can find all five pixies in the Fauna Caves. Q: The Blue Mushrooms only give 2 or 3 gold coins for drops … is this correct? A: Yes, it is intentional. The Blue Mushrooms give better experience at the cost of much less loot. Q: How can I make the recipes or experiment with ingredients?

I see no way to combine ingredients in my inventory. Q: Of what use are the items you can make with recipes? Some are used only in combat, some only out of combat, and some at any time. Once you have successfully used an item, its name and what it does will be shown. NOTE: If you look at an item and it is grayed out, it is not usable wherever you are in combat or out of combat. After that, fighting the Worms in the Worm Tunnels will get you as many as you want to spend time getting.

Q: What does Moth Powder do? A: It can turn an enemy party into moths. Note that this will make a battle much easier, but greatly reduce the experience you get from the battle. The loot will, however, remain the same. Q: Who is Spook? A: A boy thief who helps Mel and later joins the party. To find out more, play the game! Q: How long does Beast Repellent last. A: Once Ulf becomes an Apprentice, you can experiment at any time, as long as you already have a recipe with the correct quantity of each ingredient.

For instance, if you learn a recipe has 3 of one item, 2 of another, and one of another, you must use a recipe that uses that number of ingredients to do your experimenting. Q: Where can I get new recipes? A: The rain is random, although it will be raining much more often than not.

If it is raining in Peliad, it will also be raining in both Bristle Woods. A: There are four letters which you can receive and answer. They are spaced 15 minutes apart actual game time, and not in a combat screen.

The timer on receiving the first of the four letters starts when you pick up your belongings from the Thais Post Office. A: Not in TLO. Who knows about the next game? Q: I need help with the Peliad baby trade sidequest. A: This quest is available only after Edward joins the party. You have four hours of actual game time to complete the sting, or Gwenalle will die. Note: If you want to do a further somewhat-related sidequest later on in the game, you need to do this a little differently.

Talk to Edgar. In a cutscene, Lady Gwenalle is arrested. And what are the Faux and real Hercules Busts for? A: Doing these sidequests depends on what you do in the Stop baby trade sidequest. You have to be thrown in jail during that quest and help Rat, the boy in the cell with you. He will then ask Edward to help him, and if you agree, Edward can then get the real Golden Frog, as well as a Hercules Bust. You will have to bail Edward out of prison. NOTE: Be sure to note the conversation after the Museum if you have the fake frog and do what the party decides.

Watch closely for a funny scene … it happens very quickly. Q: Where can I find ingredients for the recipes? A: Most ingredients can be found on the ground, or obtained from certain monsters.

There are a few ingredients that you can only obtain one of in any game. Highlight for spoilers: for Grow Potion: - Rooster Feather - given by Karl as a quest reward one only - Emerald - dropped by Emerald Slimes in Crystal Cavern - Blueleaf Sap - obtained from the holes of trees in Blueleaf Forest for Acid Potion: Special Note: Even though you can collect ingredients to make several acid potions, you will not be able to create one of these yourself - only the alchemist can create one for you.

A: Use the weapons as follows: For monsters other than Mushrooms, use mana-enhanced weapons in the Mana caves, and earth-enhanced weapons in the Fauna caves.

For all Mushrooms, Charmed weapons work. Q: Which weapons are Charmed, Earth-enhanced, or Mana-enhanced? A: Charmed:.


Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough

Magic Mirror Express Destinations Introduction Note: As this game follows on from two previous games, only maps of new areas are included in this walkthrough. Click on the maps to enlarge. In the previous chapters Mel, a street urchin and thief from the city of Harburg, found out that she is the direct descendant of the evil dark wizard Mordred Darkthrop — much to her annoyance! In particular, he left a series of Magic Orbs that can only be used by his heirs, whom he presumed all to have magical abilities.


Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough & Cheats

Pick up the fish scales and leave — you can use the scales for your alchemy experiments. As you leave the circus and make your way to Tyobi, stop and check out the rooster wandering around in the middle of the desert. This reduces Spooks attraction points by one. Return to Harakauna once more and return Karl to his wife. Bummer — what a rotten day.

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