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Outdoors, summer, under direct sunlight 4 minutes 10 hours Environment Interior lighting cm in under a fluorescent lamp 30 W 20 cm 8 in under a fluorescent lamp 30 W Charging time to fully charge: Time required for recharging the watch from the stopped state when insufficiently charged to fully charged. Charging time for 1 day of operation: Time required for recharging the watch to run for 1 day. Note: Once fully charged, the watch has a continuous operating time of about six months without further charging.

When the Power Save feature has been activated, the watch will continue to keep the correct time for about two years. However, if the watch stops running as a result of being insufficiently charged, a considerable amount of time is required to charge so that it starts running again as is indicated in the table.

It is therefore recommended to charge the watch at least once a month by exposing to direct sunlight. If the secondary battery must unavoidably be removed, store it out of the reach of small children to prevent accidental swallowing.

Examples: Charging by placing the watch too close to a light source that may become hot such as an incandescent lamp or halogen lamp, or charging by placing the watch on an automobile dashboard that can easily reach a high temperature. Even if another type of secondary battery is installed in the watch, the watch structure does not permit its operation.

In cases in which a different secondary battery such as a silver battery is forcibly installed in the watch and charged, overcharging may occur that will eventually cause the secondary battery to rupture.

This can result in the risk of the watch being damaged or injury to the wearer. When the secondary battery is replaced, always make sure to use the specified secondary battery.

Setting the Reference Position Check the reference position if the watch does not indicate the correct time even after having received radio waves. Depress button B for 10 seconds or more A. Checking the Reference Position 1 Press button B for at least 10 seconds with the crown in the normal position, and once the second hand begins to move rapidly, release button B.

Alternatively, the watch will automatically return to the current time if the buttons or crown are not operated for 30 seconds or more. Setting the Reference Position 1 Press button B for at least 10 seconds with the crown in the normal position, and when the second hand begins to move rapidly, release button B.

When the hour hand makes two revolutions, the date changes by one day. Continuously advance the hour hand until the date is displayed between 31 and 1. Turn the crown to the left or right to interrupt continuous movement of the hour hand. Turn the crown to the right or left to set the second hand and minute hand at 00 minutes 00 seconds. Turn the crown to the left or right to interrupt continuous movement of the second hand and minute hand.

After setting the reference position, always make sure to perform free reception before using the watch. Setting the Reference Position after All-Reset All-Reset The watch display may become abnormal due to the effects of static electricity or a strong shock.

If this happens, perform the all-reset procedure and then set the reference position. All-Reset Procedure 1 Pull out the crown to the second position. Button B Button A This completes the all-reset procedure. Alternatively, repeat the all-reset procedure again. Do not pull out the crown until the second hand begins one-second interval movement. Always make sure to set the reference position. When setting the time manually, set both the time and date while paying attention to AM and PM so that the time is set correctly.

Troubleshooting Radio Wave Reception Function: Try checking the following when you think a problem has occurred. Continuously depress button A and release when the shorter end of the second hand points to the RX position. Try changing the direction, location and angle of the watch several times so that the shorter end of the second hand points to a reception level to find the location at which radio waves are received easily.

Correctly reset the time difference if only the hour hand has shifted in one hour units. Navigation Calculator Using the Slide Rule Flying distance and other navigation calculations as well as general calculations can be performed using the slide rule located around the outside of the dial.

This slide rule is not able to display decimal places for calculation results, and should only be used as a general reference as an alternative to more accurate calculations. Turning the crown at the position allows the slide rule around the dial Outside Scale to be rotated.

Inside scale Outside scale 1. Calculation of time required Question: How long does it take an airplane flying at knots to fly a distance of nautical miles? At this time, the point on the inside scale that is aligned with 45 on the outside scale indicates , and the answer is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Crown for turning the outer scale 66 67 2. Speed Ground Speed Calculation Question: What is the speed ground speed of an airplane when it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly a distance of nautical miles?

Solution: Align the 24 on the outside scale with 80 on the inside scale. Flying distance calculation Question: What is the flying distance traveled in 40 minutes at a speed of knots? The 40 of the inside scale is now pointing to 14, and the answer is nautical miles. Solution: Align the 12 of the outside scale with 30 of the inside scale. Fuel consumption calculation Question: How much fuel is consumedin 6 hours at a fuel consumption rate of gallons per hour?

The is aligned with 15, and the answer is gallons. Maximum flying hours Question: With a fuel consumption rate of gallons per hour and a fuel supply of gallons, what is the maximum number of flying hours? The 55 of the outside scale is now aligned with , and the answer is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Conversion Question: How do you convert 30 miles into nautical miles and kilometers? At this time, 26 nautical miles is aligned at the NAUT Y mark on the inside scale, while the answer of General calculation functions 1.

Multiplication Question: 20 M 15 10 on the inside scale, and read the outside Solution: Align 20 on the outside scale with X scale at the 30 mark which is aligned with 15 of the inside scale. Figure the number of decimal places, and the answer is Remember: decimal places cannot be read on this scale. On the outside scale 10 on the inside scale.

At this time, the answer of 40 can be read from the inside scale corresponding to 60 on the outside scale. In addition, the ratio of the value on the outside scale to the value on the inside scale is at all positions on the scales. Determining Square Root Question: What is the square root of ? Solution: Rotate the scales so that the value on the inside scale corresponding to Examples of use The unit "bar" is roughly equal to 1 atmosphere. Indication 78 Moderate exposure to Marine sports skin water washing, kitchen diving work, swimming, etc.

Operation of the crown or button with moisture visible Dial.


AS2020 53E PDF

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Citizen Herrenuhr Promaster Sky Pilot Funkuhr Eco-Drive AS2020-53E



Citizen AS2020-53E


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