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Jean-Charles gave his jet a full weapons load and finished it with an excellent weathering job. Thanks Shawn. Matched Grab Handles Every Time! Orlando goes into wonderful detail in his article about the building process that was a treat to read.

Both his fighters have subtle weathering that looks perfect. Lovely work Orlando. Jean-Charles tells the story behind this special paint scheme and the whole build process.

This detail set is designed for the Kitty Hawk kit. They have a variety of benders for sharp corners as well as rounded corners and in many different sizes. This detail set is designed for the Kinetic and Italeri when released kit.

These are cool to see. Orlando did some added scratchbuilding and finished it in the classic shark mouth markings that look so good on the Warthog. This detail set is designed for the HK Models kit. I am making productive use of the Covid lockdown. This one is wearing a special paint scheme using aftermarket decals. Very nice indeed.

This detail set is designed for the Great Wall Hobby kit. Dirk has included some AR history. This Photo Etch Cut-Off Set - Standard is designed to hold the photo etch fret as you remove parts from the photo etch fret.

Rafael gave his Canberra Venezuela markings using home made decals and a flawless weathering job. It is great to see this gem on ARC. This detail set is designed for the Airfix kit. Carl had quite the time on this build and he tells the whole story in his article. But I have rebuilt 23 walkaronds, but there is over to go. JD painted his B to better replicate the real FiFi and his finished model looks exceptional.

Fantastic job JD. I love it. This detail set is designed for the Eduard kit. These were used on the Supermarine Spitfire with B wing. Andri gave this Hornet a full weapons load and drop tanks and a full weathering job and then finished it in some great looking markings.

Very nicely done Andri. This is an older kit, but it builds up into a great looking model of this Japanese fighter. Excellent work Dirk, I like the Dutch connection in your article. Mark chose 2 Greek Sabre Dogs in quite different paint schemes to give good variety.

Pablo Angel Herrera is here with one of the more interesting camo schemes. Pablo finished it in the "reverse camo" seen during operation Rolling Thunder and finished it with the perfect amount of weathering. It is very cool to see this Fiat fighter in Venezuela markings.





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