She claims to have been a clinical hypnotherapist and a pastoral councillor before taking up metaphysics full-time. She was married from at least the late s until around to Joseph Chiappalone, a "gnostic and seer" who was at least as batshit crazy as her. Though she claims Joseph stalked her and tried to poison her dog, [1] Amitakh and Steffen actually live on the property next door to Joseph, who claims to be a great fan of both of them. The important information therein, in a series of articles by herself and other researchers, covers the divine secrets of everything on Earth and everything in the Universe.

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Douzilkree The first aliens, known as the Ducazwere used to conquer and control the Nibirian empire. This led to many aliens mating with ammitakh women, either forcibly or voluntarily. Many of the Anunnaki have strong sex drives, and the fact that humans can mate whether in or out of season was a bonus for the aliens on Earth. Perhaps Amitakh Stanford is the same person as Amitakh Chiappalone, and she wishes for this little fact to amittakh unknown, to remain anonymous. It is pointless, and even risky, to argue with them.

Olcar Intervention in the Anunnaki Wars. The important information therein, in a series of articles by herself and other researchers, covers the divine secrets of everything on Earth and everything in the Universe. Then, I pulled again and amazingly was able to pass the frozen-shut metal lock and my hand through a two-layered galvanized steel latch! I then pulled on the lock several times, but was unable to unfreeze it. I know the entire lost Word. Many of these are currently in politicalfinancialscientificreligiouslegalmedical especially in blood banksentertainmentmilitaryagrarian or commercial positions, and also in the sex industry.

White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not to teach, but to liberate viable True-Light beings who have been trapped in the Shadows. Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 metres and threw me through the front door of the house.

Matter is another geometric illusion. Matter are actually ultra-microscopic particles capable of thinking for themselves. Amitakh Stanford To do this defies the laws of physics in this realm, yet it occurred. All three understood that the five solids literally contained the keys to understanding the mysteries of stanfors. However, it was not yet time. Anunnaki also groom children and exploit them to fulfil their sexual appetites.

As disproof of this assumption, always remember Victoria. They are crafts of the True Divine Creation which are here to extinguish the sun. The Research of Amitakh Stanford In exchange for this light, the sun forces the planets to revolve around it and to do all the work keeping the solar system bound stanfodr in the illusion which is driven by their orbits around the sun.

This kind of thinking is present in the works of Dr. Adapted from Amitakh Stanford on RationalWiki. Xee-A Twelve While electrons are trapped by protons and neutrons on the atomic level, planets are trapped by stars or suns on the macro level. It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement.

There is little doubt that the author of these works are the same person. Anunnaki stanfofd particularly attracted to large breasts, hence they have amitakg and otherwise programmed women to pursue breast implants. Amitakh begins by talking about the history of the Freemasons, where there were three syllables to a secret Word that would allow the one to utter it to control the world and bring the Anunnaki Elite back to Earth. They killed all of the Neaderthal species and created the amtiakh sapiens through a second wave of genetic experiments.

Visit the Truth Portal for complete dtanford. One has to wonder whether Jones would be so brazen and bold in any Muslim country. Use scrollbar to see the full image.

Our hero then proceeds to talk about how Christianity and Freemasonry are Satanic and how they are based off the Pagan worship of the Sun. The Jews claim to be the chosen race of Jehovah, but what have they been chosen for? This is because spheres are the shape you get when you spin the other five really, really fast. As I have indicated, for the time being, Greys are closely aligned with the Reptilians. They are incapable of rational discussion. Most 10 Related.


Amitakh Stanford

Ware lichtwezens zullen zich kunnen vinden in mijn boodschap, ook al zal die aanvankelijk ongemak en innerlijke strijd oproepen. Net als bij een computer zijn simulatie en interactie de sleutels tot het scheppen van een virtuele werkelijkheid. Hoe meer het bewustzijn erin kan opgaan, hoe echter de beleving ervan wordt. Het uiteindelijke doel van een computerspel is dat het bewustzijn van de speler er helemaal door wordt opgeslokt.




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