He authored many books that took public attention. He was an excellent short story writer. Mumtaz wrote a travelogue titled Labbaik. It published in a journal in the episode and caused popularity for the author. It was a story of performing Hajj when Mumtaz Mufti traveled along with Qudratullah Shahab and felt something strange.

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Shelves: biographies-and-true-crime-stories This is the story of the first 40 years of Ilyas Aasfis life. He has an elder sister Farhat. The train of women that Ali Ahmed scorches through in the first quarter of the book is dizzying and insulting and sets the tone for the sexual evolution of his first-born son.

Farhat, he makes sure, is taken off after class 8 because girls are not supposed to get more education. The majority of the book is full of the sexcapades of boys and men - with and without women. There are boys and men who either are overtly or theoretically homosexual: Bala - giving Ilyas first lesson in masturbation or Ilyas dreaming that he does because of shame; Noor, the singing boy.

Either it is laziness or imitation of life where things change and yet remain the same. I flipped the pages and started re-reading on page when The Relationship Saga takes a turn.

She is quite possibly illiterate but vivacious, good-mannered and attention-seeking. Shehzad is not a sadist but this is a sadomasochistic affair full of lust, doubts, jealousy, insecurity, frustration, accusations, control-issues, anger, hate, longing, companionship, back to lust etc.

Ilyas is basically a good man, an ordinary man trying to do good, in spite of what the world and Shehzad throws at him. But Shehzad - the one he had a 16 year affair with, the one he accepted with 6 kids and lived in extreme poverty and lowly prospects because of that - lets him down and yet, he still pines for her. The story is full of memorable characters: Ali Ahmed, Asif and Arjumund one committed suicide, the other died of tapdiq or TB - sad lonely ends to brilliant hopes , Jamal, Dr.

How did he turn out to be 25 or 27 when he does technical course? The writer was also inconsistent in his portrayal of Farhat-Ilyas and Farhat-Ajmal relationship barely mentioned.

His mother, Hajra, also is an invisible part of his life that he only accepts because he has to raise his son by Shehzad, Aali, alone. Well, who told you to go for an arranged marriage without looking at the woman?! It was cool to read about old cinema houses of Lahore like Empire Cinema on Macleod Road which still exist. Since this is pre-partition subcontinent, there are frequent interactions with non-Muslim people - men and women- Hindus, Sikhs, Christians - all pleasant, few full of bias: for e.

Then the hostel-food issue raised by the 4 Muslim students including Ilyas in an Aryan college in Amritsar- that they want to eat meat; the lamentation by an old Hindu woman whose Muslim tonga driver is killed in Hindu-Muslim massacres that erupted just before partition. There is no mention of Bengal or Bengali Muslims who were the driving force of the movement before Urdu-speaking community got on the bandwagon and Punjabis got into the fray!

Anyways, it seems like the Pakistan Movement and Partition in the plot came as an after-thought to the writer because they literally rise on page and meet a thrilling, nerve-wracking, nauseating, macabre end at page There is also quite another story here, left unexplored: all the women left by their husbands, or whose husbands are working in far-off places, women living with other women, full of lonely lives.

The book is pages long and I am amazed that I finished it. I wonder what kind of book that was because nobody remembers it.


Ali Pur Ka Aili by Mumtaz Mufti PDF Download

Mumtaz Mufti. Mumtaz Mufti is one of the most popular Urdu writers in the sub continent. This was the most selling Urdu novel. In the end of Ali Pur Ka Aili Urdu novel, you will see the exact names corresponding to every fictitious. The Asifi family is actually the Mufti family, similarly Mumtaz Muftti has also mentioned the real locations corresponding to the fictitious ones. Ali Pur Ka Aili became more viral when Mumtaz Mufti revealed in that it was actually his life story.


Ali Pur Ka Aili By Mumtaz Mufti Pdf Download

Ali Pur Ka Aili is an interesting novel that covers social issues, women status in our society, suspense and mystery. Mumtaz Mufti is an author of this fantastic and amazing novel. Mumtaz Mufti is a good storyteller and best writer ever. This story starts from the life of Ilyas who is forty years old. He was the son of a civil servant Ali Ahmad.


Ali Pur Ka Aili By Mumtaz Mufti Download Pdf



Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی


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