Vaults, domes, curves, slopes and extrusions are easily created allowing you to model many of the architectural elements you encounter every day. Creating Geometry Within AGi32 When modeling surfaces in AGi32, you are provided with two modeling primitives: Rooms contain interior surfaces that are reflective on the inside surface only one-sided by default. This allows you to see into a room from an exterior viewpoint in render mode. Objects can be used in interiors or exteriors and may be opaque or transmissive.

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Topics covered in the AGi32 Introductory 2-day course include interior and exterior applications, but not daylighting or roadway. This course is taught both live and online! AGi32 2-Day Introductory Training Outline Advanced Training 2-days For those who are well versed in the AGi32 basic concepts and have a good understanding of lighting fundamentals and luminaire photometry. Advanced Course Prerequisites Roadway Emphasis 3-days An introductory level course assuming little or no familiarity with AGi32, class will introduce the student to AGi32 and then cover its use for street lighting.

Illuminance, luminance and veiling luminance calculations are covered. AGi32 3-Day Roadway Emphasis Outline Intermediate Roadway 2-days This class is for those who have at least a basic familiarity with AGi32 and want to learn how to use it for roadway applications.

This class will cover the use of AGi32 for street lighting. AGi32 2-Day Intermediate Roadway Outline Attending our Classes We use certified training centers with one to one computer to student ratio computers are provided. Small class sizes 12 typical enhance student learning and instructor interaction. Lunches, beverages, snacks provided. Hotel and transportation are not included. On-Site training is cost effective, convenient and timely. This option can save you hundreds of dollars in additional expenses and allows you to schedule AGi32 training at your facility with a minimal loss of productivity.

More Information Testimonials The class was great and Donna is an excellent instructor. But — Donna explained things very clearly, and I feel confident I am now capable of getting through a variety of calculation situations. Anonymous I would like to congratulate Lighting Analysts for this training. Logistics, facility, training material and the instructor were outstanding. I express my recognition to Jennifer, she is an excellent instructor. I look forward for future training.

Cindy M. Shell Volkert and Assoc Inc. Dawn was well prepared, knows the industry, technical info, and the software inside and out. She is smart, energetic, and engaging. A good teacher — keeps the class moving but not too fast, anticipates and understands questions, is a very precise communicator.

We attend many training classes and found this to be one of the best yet. Jennifer was an excellent teacher — knowledgeable, patient and entertaining.

And the course was well paced. Anyhow, we just wanted to let you know directly that we felt it was time and money well spent and we were very impressed with the product. Morgan Gabler.


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