The word Urtext means original text, and is often used to refer to the original manuscript of a musical score or literary work. The material is much more of a dialogue between Helen and Jesus than the monologue of the later Course, Jesus will often speak personally to Helen and Bill. Helen will often interject and Jesus will respond. Jesus will sometimes step in and correct something Helen wrote down, saying she heard him wrong.

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Since Rev. Ponticello spoke last, no one had a chance to answer him. Tony uses and champions an earlier version of the Course. The wording in it makes it easier for him to try to advance his wish to turn A Course in Miracles into a religion, which it is not.

Tony is entitled to his opinion, I strongly disagree with that opinion, and the purpose of this message is to point out why. This is not meant as a judgment but as a clarification of the facts.

Everything I have seen, heard from them, and carefully researched about them, as well as Helen and Bill, has not only told me they are not liars, but on the contrary; they are among the most honest people I know of. And their selfless dedication has made A Course in Miracles available to the world, for which millions of people, including me, will always be grateful. Next, Rev.

Ponticello erroneously reported that the Course was edited by "beginner students" of the Course. Yes, the Course was edited over the seven years it was channeled, and after, but it was edited by Jesus, who Helen never stopped working with. Indeed, she channeled The Song of Prayer and Psychotherapy sections of the Course after the larger books of the Course were completed.

Are we to believe that Jesus was somehow strangely absent during the three times that Helen channeled and re-typed the Course over the period of years in between? Bill Thetford had typed the Course out once when Helen first read the words to him from her shorthand notebook.

That is completely false. Bill was never what could be considered an editor of the Course, nor did he wish to be. His one contribution to editing the Course was to combine two of the miracles principles found at the beginning of the Course into one, so there would be 50 of them instead of He thought it looked better. It has also been falsely stated and believed by many that Ken Wapnick edited the final version of the Course.

That is also completely false. Helen Schucman with Jesus was always the editor, and the only one. Ken Wapnick acted as her assistant at the end of the editing process, helping with consistent capitalization, punctuation and sub-chapter headings. Over the years, Helen was always edited and corrected by Jesus. That is the truth, and any misinformation, judgments or attacks to the contrary are factually incorrect. In addition, I find it curious at the least, and also very interesting, that people have harped so much about editing that was done mostly in the first five chapters of the Course, when the Text alone has thirty one chapters!

Throughout all of its sections and thirteen hundred pages, A Course in Miracles is relentlessly consistent and uncompromising, and so should its students be. I sincerely believe that the FIP edition of the Course, which has proven to be extremely effective for forty years, will continue to help countless people find the peace of God and salvation.

I invite you to join with me in continuing to use it in order to save an incredible amount of time on your journey home. We are all going to the same place, but remember, the Course says, "The miracle minimizes the need for time. It also says, "The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken thousands of years. The miracle is a certain kind of forgiveness that comes from a place of cause and not effect.

Understanding and using it on a daily basis allows the Holy Spirit to literally heal the unconscious mind you cannot see. A Course in Miracles is a unique and complete non-dualistic thought system. Aside from the Course itself I know of nothing else available that understands and accomplishes its time saving feature, including the Course spin offs that have surfaced over the years.

The latest one, called "A Course of Love," is being promoted as a "continuation" of the Course. These unnecessary Course alternatives are confusing to new students, to say the least, and forays into such Course imitations merely distract and delay people.

Why not stick with the real thing and accomplish its goal of awakening? How would you like it if you went through the whole process of writing a book, had it published, and then someone stole your first draft, put it out illegally on the Internet, and then claimed that this was the right version of the book, and that you were selling the wrong version?

And because a rather confused judge - who ignorantly described the Course as "sophomoric" - later invalidated its copyright and put it in the public domain, today people are free to sell the earlier drafts and make money off of stolen material. If you want to support that then be my guest. He wrote, "For now, I myself will continue to teach from the standard Course, though supplemented by material from the Urtext.

Forget about the Urtext. Jesus did not choose His scribes and the publisher, and edit the Course, without knowing what He was doing. Tony chose distraction, delay, and controversy in New York City by calling the Course that most of us know a lie. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well.

They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. I consider it part of my job to teach the message of the Course. After much Guidance and communication with the organizer of the Conference, the answer is no.

This decision was not made lightly, as I have spoken at six of these bi-annual Conferences in a row and have consistently enrolled more people for them than anyone else.

But this Conference has changed over the years, and not for the better. So at the end of the day there are two reasons for not going. Cindy and Gary teaching this year at the University of Toronto We do not believe that this disrespect represents the overwhelming majority of Course students. Indeed, if there is an appropriate attitude that should be held and expressed toward FIP it is one of gratitude. We simply would not have the Course without them, and I think love, not disdain, is the prevalent way in which most students of the Course think and feel about them.

You can add to the mix the fact that the organizer is allowing speakers at the Conference to buy large blocks of tickets to give away or sell at a large discount in order to get credits for enrolling enough people so they can get onto the main stage and speak to the whole group instead of doing break out sessions the top four ticket sellers get to be on the main stage.

We do not feel Guided by the Holy Spirit to do that at this time, but we never say never. In the end, it always comes back to forgiveness.


ACIM Urtext

There is considerable debate in the ACIM community about which version of the text and workbook students should use. While the overarching conflict is not so important, the version that you choose does in fact matter largely because you want to be sure that you are using one that works for you. We all know the outline, right? Basically, Helen Schucman channeled the voice of Jesus, wrote it down in shorthand and dictated it to Bill Thetford who typed it up. There were several subsequent edits in the years that followed.


A Course in Miracles Book

Copyright Office in which the recipients: "[Upon their signature]. I also acknowledge that any other use of this copy would be in violation of the Regulations of the Copyright Office 37 CFR. If this is the case, it would be a criminal law violation. It now appears that the individual who represented herself to the Copyright Office as a legal representative for her "clients" the Endeavor Academy, was not a member of the bar and had only days before resigned her administrative position with the Academy. Cooperating in the obtaining and distribution of the Urtext constitutes contributing to the infringement of the copyright involved.


A Course In Miracles Urtext ~ Free, HTML Version.

The Relationship of Miracles and Revelation Remember the point about Miracles as a means of organizing different levels of consciousness. Miracles come from the subconscious below conscious level. Revelations come from the above conscious level. Freud was right about the classification, but not the names.

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