74193 IC PDF

Overview[ edit ] Some TTL logic parts were made with an extended military-specification temperature range. These parts are prefixed with 54 instead of 74 in the part number [1]. A short-lived 64 prefix on Texas Instruments parts indicated an industrial temperature range; this prefix had been dropped from the TI literature by Surface mount parts with a single gate often in a 5-pin or 6-pin package are prefixed with G instead of

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Dinos To participate you need to register. This is cause it only has a clock that counts up and since the MSI chip is synchronous you can not make it count down. Welcome to our site! Explain how you know this? Pioneer Elite vsxtx water damage no power Started by Watin Today at Test and simulate the circuit and verify it works as expected.

Forums New posts Search forums. A and D are wired to VCC and B and C are wired to 0 and this give us the binary number which means the count will end at 9.

Use the 74LS to create a Binary up counter. Russlk New Member Dec 19, This gives us the binary number of so the count will start at 1. Their is a big difference between a synchronous and asynchronous load inputs.

For Example on the 6-to up counter you see the inverter on Q0 and you would calculate the maximum count would be on 14 E but since the pulse goes through the asynchronous input and it is counting up, it subtracts a 1 from 14 and this is why the count ends at To make the number end at 13 we had to change the Q outputs. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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It has been bread boarded based on the Multisim design. This is the 4-to Binary Up Counter that I had to make by modifying the counter. When the DOWN pin gets a rising edge clock pulse, the flops count down by one number. It works as expected and the probes show the binary count that is fed into the HEX display. Click here to register now. The 74LS is obviously the best choice cause its flexibility. It works according to the design and the probes show the binary count that goes into the HEX display.

The it can count is that the Chip has a Up and Down input and depending on which input u put it, is how the clock will count. You must log in or register to reply here. TOP Related.


74ls193中文资料汇总(74ls193引脚图及功能_工作原理及应用电路) - 全文



down counter using 74193 ic



74193 IC PDF


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