This review was posted at Under the Covers This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties! And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked why is your face red all of a sudden. I am not sure if I should classify this as erotica or contemporary romance, or an in between both. Sydney has always had a crush on Sean, since she was a teenager.

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Fenrigami Bitter cold stung his face. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was alone, instead of perched upon one of the many winding trails within the Big Horn Mountains. Maybe it was time to quit—move on. Warm and wet, his seed landed on his stomach. Had all their encounters during dinner been accidents or was he attempting to anger her? When the need to breathe forced their lips apart, he eased back only to irresisgible her once again.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade Twirling her before he pulled her to him, he placed one hand at her waist and the other interlocked with hers. Her mouth was so dry she doubted a gallon of water could satisfy her. Sean had said they would marry.

She was warm, wet and all his. Her heart was a mass of flutters, her stomach weak. Sydney attempted to swallow, but the lump in her throat prevented anything so simple. Another finger joined the first. Majestic mountains stretched toward a crystal blue sky. On a turn, his knee gave her some reprieve, but before she could sigh with relief that damn pressure was back, teasing and tormenting her.

Then the heavy machine landed with a thud, grooving deep ruts in the pristine haven. Cupping her breasts, he plucked at her nipples, pinching and teasing, until her body shook. The emptiness of his touch was bittersweet. But her mind was elsewhere. Sean looked up from where he was sprawled across a large leather chair. Just like any other stupid adolescent. No wonder her self-esteem was lacking.

Sydney squeezed out an exasperated breath. Sydney raised her chin. In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves—similar to a witch! A damp spot on his jeans when they parted would be the ultimate humiliation. Her swollen folds parted, her moist body welcomed him, and his erection firmed. Rolling them jackenzie, he settled between her thighs, and started all over again. Had he been wrong—she was as attracted to him as he to her. When would he stop treating her like a child?

All thoughts of where they were or the cold that surrounded them were gone. Who knew that the wild things going on in my head someone would actually read? But even as the thought entered her mind, she knew it was pointless. Although not related by blood, they were family. Everyone in the office was overloaded. When his fingers tugged at her sweater, and then his hand slipped beneath the material, she gasped at the exquisite sensation of his palm splayed across her bare back.

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Her head felt as if it would explode at any moment. You have five, six, maybe seven glasses of champagne? Gently, she placed her palm on his shoulder and they began to dance, two quick steps and then two slow ones. I could get a morning-after pill. After cleaning himself up, he slipped into a pair of jogging pants and a Tshirt. He wanted—no, needed—for the night not to end, especially as dastardly as it had. The woman had crawled beneath his skin and was there to stay.



Vudoran She rubbed her palms down her jeans, before pulling the hem irresisible her sweater down. He glanced up to see her eyelids fall again and her lips part on a groan. When would he stop treating her like a child? Then she narrowed her attention on Sean.



Tojanos She pushed away from the wall, coming so close to him that he felt her heat. On a turn, his knee gave her some reprieve, but before she could sigh with relief that damn pressure was back, teasing and tormenting her. It was difficult to face reality. With each trembling breath she dragged in his cologne, a touch of evergreen, amber and musk that made her dizzy.

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